Understanding attendance at Peacehaven and Varndean

Tackling the issues through parental engagement and person-centred counselling

The aim of the Peacehaven project was to increase school attendance among disadvantaged students. By partnering with the local youth centre, Peacehaven Community School hoped that positive engagement outside of school  – conversations with and positive mentoring from trusted adults in the community – would help identify reasons for non-attendance. In addition, the project aimed to identify new starters at risk of persistent absence due to poor primary school attendance and to provide professional development training to better equip school and youth centre staff to deal with absence issues.

The case study for this project also features a different approach – person-centred counselling – that was undertaken at Varndean School and Brighton Aldridge Community Academy.

Partner(s): Peacehaven Youth Centre and Peacehaven Community School

Funding source: Uni Connect (Innovation Fund)

SLN contact: Debra Vice-Holt

Duration: January 2019 to June 2019

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