LGBT Youth and Access to HE

Addressing challenges, empowering voices

This project explored youth perspectives on the challenges that young LGBTQ people face in accessing higher education in the UK, and had two main outputs. The first was a set of advocacy films, produced by young people, aimed at peer audiences, to be posted online. The second was a research report based on the workshop materials which explore young people’s experiences and perceptions, and interviews with current HE students and stakeholders who influence young people’s career choices and education.

A series of community workshops with LGBTQ young people took place at Allsorts Youth Project, culminating in two media production days on campus. During the sessions, peer support and knowledge exchange took place, empowering the young people who felt listened to. Participation in the capacity- building workshops enabled the young participants to reflect on their career choices and identities as well as developing content for the film. Being on campus facilitated an induction to and engagement with university resources and staff. The young people welcomed the opportunity to articulate and collectively formulate their views, based on lived experience, in a supportive environment.

Partners: University of Brighton, University of Sussex and Allsorts Youth Project

Funding source: Uni Connect (Innovation Fund)

SLN contact: Debra Vice-Holt   

Duration: February 2018 to September 2018

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